Why are we starting a residents association?

– To preserve the amenities enjoyed by the lessees and residents;

– To ensure adequate supply of services and rights as entitled to under the lease;

– To consult with the lessor and managers and to represent the lessees on matters of common interest – e.g. service charge issue.

– To campaign for something positive e.g. new services or facilities on site

– To campaign against something or get services improved e.g better maintenance/cleaning

– To give your community a greater voice than you would
have as an individual

– To create a better sense of community in your area

– To keep residents informed of what’s happening in your neighbourhood

What is a Residents Association?

A Resident Association (RA) is a formal group of people who live in a neighbourhood, and decide that they want to get together to deal with concerns that affect their local community. The group can include tenants, shared owners, leaseholders and homeowners.



Blackfriars Circus is our home and we work closely with the management team to ensure standards are maintained and the development ages like a fine wine.

Residents Events

Residents Events

We plan to host regular resident’s events from new resident’s welcome drinks, Wine tastings, yoga and family events to Gym classes and Running clubs, we are committed to building the community of Blackfriars Circus and enjoying life in the local area.



If you live at Blackfriars Circus you are welcome to join the residents association by completing the application. We want as many leaseholders as possible to join so please encourage your neighbours to get involved.